Post-graduation in Adapted Sport

Leonor Moniz Pereira e António Rosado

This Post-graduation course aims to integrate specific training/education required by adapted sport in the more general training/education in sports coaching.

It views the deepening of technical and scientific knowledge, thus helping to bridge the existing training gaps in this area.

It aims to develop critical thinking on specific issues of adapted sport, namely with regard to inclusion, participation and acquisition of skills at the highest level, and taking into account the part played by the coach in this domain.

The course has a cross-curriculum to several FMH Master Courses, in compliance with international guidelines regarding an integrated and inclusive education/training. It allows students to choose a suitable profile in adapted sport, which, for the Master’s students, complements the one chosen in his/her Course.

It provides the student with a professionalizing track in adapted sport, whose accreditation process is undergoing under the Plano Nacional de Formação de Treinadores (IPDJ), for the following sports: Goalball, Boccia and Adapted Handball Adapted. It is expected that, as soon as the accreditation criteria for other sports are established, the corresponding accreditation processes will be submitted.

More specifically, this Post-graduation aims to provide:

  • Ability to design an appropriate training process and to optimize the sport performance of persons with disabilities;
  • Domain of eligibility and sports classification
  • Knowledge about the different adaptation components, by considering them as dynamic entities interacting with each other.


To apply to this Post-graduation course, applicants must be:

  • holders of a Degree, or legal equivalent, in the area of Sport Sciences (Sports Coaching, Exercise and Health, Physical Education and School Sport), or similar ones, or be holders of a Degree in Dance or Psychomotor Rehabilitation.
  • holders of a foreign Higher Education Degree awarded after the completion of a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the Bologna Process, by a State adhering to this process, in the area of Sport Sciences, or similar one.
  • holders of a foreign academic Degree recognized by the FMH Scientific Board for meeting the objectives of an undergraduate degree;


There will be two different schedules for two different classes (normal regime, and special regime)

  • Normal regime: Mondays-Wednesdays (morning concentration)
  • Special regime: Fridays and Saturdays



Please access to make the online application, and for all the necessary information and required documents.


1000,00€, payable in two different moments.

  • With Registration: 500,00€
  • In February 2016: 500,00€



  • 30 vacancies


For any further information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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