Post-Graduation in Strength & Conditioning

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After its 1st edition in 2015/16, the Post-Graduation course (PG) – Strength & Conditioning – will have its 2nd edition in 2016/17. This PG is designed to meet the coaches and exercise professionals’ needs regarding physical training and its applications to high performance sport, and physical activity.

The PG course units comprise: theoretical principles, methodologies, and a variety of practical applications within sport performance, physical activity and prevention, and injury recovery.

This PG allows the access to the Master in High Performance Training. With further 9 ECTS, students will have the possibility to prepare their Master dissertation.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this PG consists in a wide offer of compulsory or optional Seminars open to external participation. Please see the SEMINARS annual Program:

Course Coordinators
Pedro Mil-Homens e Pedro Pezarat Correia

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