Sport Management | 9162

Inter-schools Degree

Faculdade de Motricidade Humana | Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão

Course Coordinator

Abel Herminio Lourenço Correia, Ph.D.


Adjunct Coordinator

Carlos Jorge Pinheiro Colaço, Ph.D


Official duration

Years: 3       Semesters: 6      ECTS Credits: 180


To acquire and improve knowledge resulting from crossing Sport Science with Management Science, through a multidisciplinary curriculum and contextualized to the world of sport; to provide intervention tools in the management of sports organizations; to meet the intervention needs in public policies at local, regional or national level, in the area of sports management; to control the development problems applied to the world of sport taking into account the possible economic and social environments as well as the organizational sectors where sport practices is developed.

Study Plan

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Career Prospects

Administrator of sport societies; commercial director of health clubs and academies/ sports centres; sports product/brand manager, sports marketing, facilities, and equipment manager.

  • Graduates who were employed in activity sectors related to the area of the cycle of studies: 100%
  • Graduates who were employed one year after completing the Course: 100%
Admission to a higher level of studies
  • Master in Sport Management
  • Master in Sport Management – Sport Organizations
Admission Requirements

Conclusion of secondary education with specific admission exams.

  • Pre-requisites: Group E – Functional and Physical Aptitude
  • Admission exams: Economics, or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences
  • Minimum Admission Grades: Admission exams: 95, and Application: 95
  • Target: Holders of the 12th Form Certificate.
  • Bottom place Score: 145,0 (1.ª fase); 147,5 (2.ª fase 2013/2014)
Scientific areas

The course has eight scientific areas, namely:

  • Biology of Physical Activities
  • Sociology, Cultural Studies and Management of Physical Activities and Sports
  • Psychology and Motor Behavior
  • Pedagogy and Intervention Methodologies in Motor Activities
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Economics
  • Management
Tuition fee

Tuition fee for 2015-2016: 1063,47€


Rules and Regulations

The competent bodies of the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana and Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão approve the regulations of the course, namely:

  • Entry specific conditions
  • Functioning conditions
  • Precedence and evaluation regulations
  • Prescription regulation of the enrollment right, taking into account, where applicable, the provisions on this subject in Law No. 37/2003 of 22 August
  • Assignment of the overall grade
  • Deadlines for the issuing of Diplomas and Certificates, as well as the Diploma Supplement
  • Follow-up by the pedagogical and scientific bodies

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