Sport Sciences | 9707

Course Coordinator

Pedro Victor Mil-Homens Ferreira Santos, Ph.D.


Adjunct Coordinator

Analiza Mónica Lopes de Almeida Silva, Ph.D.


Official duration

Years: 3       Semesters: 6      ECTS Credits: 180


To develop a solid foundation in Sports Science, which will qualify the future graduate, either to enter the labour market in Exercise and Health / Sports Coaching, or to pursue higher studies in Master programs in Physical Education Teaching or in Exercise and Health / Sport Coaching.

Health and Exercise:
To develop skills in the (a) assessment of physical activity and sedentary behaviours, physical fitness, body composition, weight management, and indicators of well-being and quality of life using the most modern technologies; (b) conception and prescription of exercise programs; (c)  use of equipment and training methodologies; (d) the boosting of teams and informative and educational initiatives.

Sport Coaching:
To develop knowledge, skills and intervention methods in the planning, direction, and assessment of the sport coaching process;
to develop social skills regarding leadership, and project and team management; (c) to raise the awareness of the future graduate for his/her engagement in research projects in the area of Sports Science.


The course has a format internationally known as “Major-Minor”: Major in Physical Education and “Minors” in Exercise and Health and Sport Coaching.

The option for the "Minors" is done in the 2nd semester of the 2nd year:

  • Major in Physical Education and Minor in Exercise and Health
  • Major in Physical Education and Minor in Sport Coaching
Study Plan

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Career Prospects
  • Major in Physical Education: Physical Education Teacher - complemented with the 2nd cycle
  • Minor in Exercise and Health Academies, gyms, sport clubs, health clubs and/or private practice, as well as in other institutions offering services in the area of Exercise and Health.
  • Minor in Sport Coaching: Sport Coach with direct access to the Cédula de Treinador de Desporto - CTD* (Professional Coach Licence) in the main sports; Physical Trainer; Senior Sports Tecnician (local authorities); Technical Director; Sports Entertainer; Trainer;

    *According to Law-Decree no. 248-A/2008, of the 31th of December

  • Graduates who were employed in activity sectors related to the area of the cycle of studies: 90%
  • Graduates who were employed one year after completing the Course: 100%
Admission to a higher level of studies

Admission to Masters and Doctoral Courses in the scientific areas of the Course.

Admission requirements

Conclusion of secondary education with specific admission exams.

  • Pre-requisites: Group C – Functional, physical, and sport Aptitude
  • Admission exams: Biology and Geology, or Mathematics
  • Minimum Admission gradesAdmission exams: 95, and Application: 95
  • TargetHolders of the 12th Form Certificate.
  • Bottom place Score125,5 - 1st phase; 137,0 - 2nd phase (2014/2015)
Scientific areas

The course has five scientific areas, namely:

  • Biology of Physical Activities
  • Sociology, Cultural Studies and Management of Physical Activities and Sports
  • Psychology and Motor Behavior
  • Pedagogy and Intervention Methodologies in Motor Activities
  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Tuition fee

Tuition fee for 2015-2016: 1063,47€


Rules and Regulations

All the course modules have the following evaluation models:

  1. continuous evaluation
  2. two different exam periods

Attendance is an evaluation criterion, preferably in the practical-laboratory courses.
The final 1st cycle Diploma and corresponding Supplement is awarded after completion of all the course modules.

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